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| Issue 36

Smart measurements of the heavens

Get your students to use their smartphones for some hands-on astronomy.

Ages: 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Physics, Earth science, Mathematics, Astronomy / space

| Issue 36

How plankton gets jet-lagged

One of the world’s largest migrations is probably driven by a hormone that governs our sleep patterns.

Ages: 11-14;
Topics: Understand, Biology, Health

| Issue 36

On track: technology for runners

When we watch elite runners breaking world records, we rarely think about the chemistry and physics of the running tracks.

Ages: 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Science and society

| Issue 36

Destination fusion

Five young researchers are working to create a star on Earth.

Ages: not applicable;
Topics: Profiles

| issue 35

Sunspots on a rotating Sun

Explore simple harmonic motion with real astronomical images.

Ages: 16-19;
Topics: Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy / space

| issue 35

Geometry can take you to the Moon

Measure the distance from Earth to the Moon using high-school geometry and an international network of schools and observatories. 

Ages: 14-16;
Topics: Physics, Astronomy / space, Mathematics