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| Issue 14

Welcome to the fourteenth issue of Science in School

In this issue, a common theme is the nature of science and how to teach it. Pierre Léna, interviewed in our feature article, believes that when teaching science “it’s important to convey the idea that science is a human and collective adventure, not a lonely and national activity”. For him,…

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| Issue 14

Bringing particle physics to life: build your own cloud chamber

Particle physics is often seen as something only for huge research institutes, out of reach of the general public. Francisco Barradas-Solas and Paloma Alameda-Meléndez demonstrate how – with the aid of a homemade particle detector – you can dispel this myth by bringing particle physics to life…

Ages: 16-19;
Topics: Physics
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| Issue 14

Science comics and cartoons

Comics have generally been considered as nothing more than a cheap pastime. However, Mico Tatalovic suggests some useful comics to help promote and explain science to students.

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